2015 OBS Symposium

October 5-6, 2015 Vancouver, Washington

The Ocean Bottom Seismograph Instrument Pool (OBSIP) Management Office hosted the second Ocean Bottom Seismology Symposium to promote the science and applications of ocean bottom seismographs for geophysics research.

The OBS Symposium was held on October 5-6 in Vancouver, Washington.  The list of registered participants can be viewed using the links to the left, as well as the agenda and list of submitted poster titles. A subset of the posters and talks have been made available on those pages.

The 2015 OBS Workshop had an attendance of around 115 people with a strong international and young scientist presence. 

The symposium included sessions on OBS experiment results, and OBS technology and development efforts.  Speakers for the workshop were:

Laura Wallace
Anne Trehu
Gaye Bayrakci
Seth Haines
Chuck Keller
Wayne Crawford
John Nabelek
Haiying Gao
Rob Sohn
Huajian Yao
Justin Ball
Shawn Wei
Vedran Lekic
Susan Bilek
Maya Tolstoy
Jeff Babcock
Donna Shillington
Harm Van Avendonk

The 2015 OBS Symposium was organized by the OBSIP Management Office with guidance from the following Steering Committee: 

Del Bohnensteihl
Department of Marine Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
North Carolina State University

Heather DeShon
Huffington Department of Earth Sciences
Southern Methodist University

Monica Kohler
Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering
California Institute of Technology

Harm Van Avendonk
University of Texas Institute for Geophysics
The University of Texas at Austin